Welcome to Reiki-Box.com.

Welcome to our website. Nice that you visit us.

This is not a commercial website. This is a purely private website with no financial interests. Here volunteers from all over the world give healing love energy. In this project, classical Reiki has been adapted, developed and made into Reiki 2.0. All volunteers who joined this project unanimously decided that the world needs unconditional love more than ever.
Therefore, this site is completely free for you.
Here you can, receive now free online the healing love energy.
This is distance Reiki for all who need it.

How does distant Reiki work?
All volunteers who send distance Reiki have at least the 2nd Reiki degree. (The ability to send Reiki at a distance). However, our community includes Reiki Masters and teachers.
Together, they have decided on a powerful symbol (Lotus of Light), so that together they send their Reiki remote energy.
You, as the recipient, will see this symbol animated on our Reiki Receiving page. If you want to increase the healing effect, we also recommend that you print out a Reiki box with this symbol, so that you can receive the transmitted energy offline as well.
You can learn how to create an offline Reiki box here.

Please also note before receiving the healing love energy, our disclaimer, on the subject of healing via Reiki-Box.com.
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